#1 Big Red Friday Movie

Big Red Friday the movie is the story of a jaded undercover agent being tracked by a documentary film crew during his last week on the job.  It is based on real events from my life and from those of my peers but, told from a fictionalized perspective.

From the world I thrived in – that of an undercover federal agent – artistic creativity or even an interest in it was looked down on.  In that life if you were a painter, a musician, a poet, a sculptor, a writer – you were considered soft and too sensitive.  Softies don’t survive long or well on the street and they don’t inspire partners to walk by your side.  It is a testosterone driven land of violence and intimidation and only those who display it are allowed to rule.  Hardness trumps sensitivity.

I had always enjoyed the creative writing process but lacked confidence to show anything I had written.  I have always loved movies.  Some of my earliest childhood memories are of being taken to the theater by my parents.  The Incredible Mr. Limpet is still one of my all-time favorites.

After my book became a New York Times bestseller (No Angel – My Harrowing Journey to the Inner Circle of the Hells Angels) my “artsy” balls dropped and I found the courage I had lacked to write and let other people read.

It is one thing to live amongst societies predators pretending to be someone you are not with the life and death consequences that come with that.  It is something far different and much scarier to “create” and then expose it to the world.  In my mind revealing that side of me has been much more threatening.  For years I “acted” in my undercover roles but that was not nearly as difficult for me as it is to “pretend” in front of a movie camera.

Some of my early writings were embarrassingly terrible.  They are actually now painful to read.  Hollywood producers and directors were not shy about letting me know that.  It is a town of broken dreams and crushed spirits.  But I kept trying.  With “will”, “resilience” and “hope” anything is possible.

I consulted on several films regarding undercover tradecraft and eventually earned some paychecks to work as a writing consultant.

So, I retired after twenty-seven years as a federal agent in January.  I set up a very small , a micro-budget independent film company and named it FoFig Films – as in four-figures – as in this is all I had to make a movie.  I’ve never been afraid to fail but I’ve always been afraid not to try.

FoFig Films Logo - leftsplash_logo


My goal for Big Red Friday is a reasonable one.  I intend to create a film that is authentic, relevant and beautiful and find entry into the film festival circuit.


Big Red Friday will not be for everyone.  It is told from a harsh world inhabited by dangerous people.  My style is raw and blue-collar, a translation of how I conducted myself as an agent.

I have found inspiration from the friends and mentors I admire like Tony Scott, James Frey, Nils Johnson-Shelton, Stephan Gaghan, Don Ferrarone, Christian Gudegast, Angus Wall and Joe Carnahan.  If you are not immediately familiar with those names look them up.  They are industry leaders in hard-core legitimacy.

What I hope to do is take their devotion to realism and go lower, dirtier, grittier, nastier to really show an audience what the life of an undercover agent is about and hopefully entertain them along the way. With the cooperation of Litteer Films and dozens of other talented cast and crew members, succeed or fail, our collective passion, energy and effort will go all-in to doing something special.

Follow this page and I will do my best to keep you up to date.



https://twitter.com/fofigfilms / http://www.jaydobyns.com/fofig_films.html



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