#3 Progress

Making movies is both timely and expensive.  This may not be a good fit for me since I am impatient and have no money.  I am nonetheless pressing forward and having a blast with my cast and crew along the way.

We recently filmed some pick-up shots needed for continuity in our promotional teaser / trailer / short / sizzle reel – whatever you want to call it.  Some of these flashback scenes to 1995 are fun and hopefully will look great on screen.

I am planning to have something to publish by Thanksgiving but there are still lots of moving parts to assemble – edits, music, graphics, etc.  Everyone is grinding and showing their tradecraft to keep us rolling.

In the mean time I attached a video that features a story on Big Red Friday by a local news station and some behind the scenes pictures.



Story by Lupita Murillo, KVOA, Tucson



Photos by Domini Guintoni

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